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Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Facts...

Here are 10 random facts about that you might not know about me...

That's me!

1. I like to dress up as a 1950s pinup model. It's so fun and the clothes are so beautiful!

2. I love riding my vintage scooter around town. People always look at me funny and it makes me laugh.

3. I'm training to run my first full marathon in February of 2012. It's rough going but I'm enjoying every painful second of it!

4. One of my favorite things is singing. I've even won a trophy and was crowned 'Famous Sam's Queen of Karaoke' several years ago.

5. I'm addicted to costumes. Any chance that I can dress up and play at being someone else, I take it! This makes Halloween my absolute favorite time of year. I went through three costumes this year, one for a 5k race that ran, one for going out Halloween weekend, and the last for Halloween night.

6. I live on a golf course yet have never touched a golf club in my life... Minigolf doesn't count!

7. I'm very anal about my closet. I have everything sectioned off by the type of clothing (work shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, then casual). Then the sections are organized by color. Everything is color-coded and always in its proper place.

8. While alcohol is mentioned several times in my novel (especially wine), I rarely touch the stuff because I'm allergic to it. If I do drink, I pay for it severely...

9. I have to admit, I have a deep seated love for anime. I've been watching it for such a long time and I can't seem to stop. It is one of my favorite ways to escape!

10. I have over 100 shades of eye shadow yet I almost never touch makeup. I just can't seem to pass up getting a new color because I never know when I might want it, even if it is 50 years from now...

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