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Friday, March 25, 2011

Socks for Japan

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was attempting to get others to donate socks for the folks of Japan.

Since that time, I was able to convince my boss at work to allow me to see if any of my coworkers wanted to participate with me in sending a collection as well. Many have agreed and I'm excited about sending them out soon.

Just yesterday, the GM brought in a big package and let me know that the company has agreed to pay for the shipping so that I didn't have to do it out of my own pocket. This was a huge relief because it was going to be expensive but I didn't mind at all.

After I received that bit of news, my coworker informed me that because of me, she got her entire girlscout troup to participate as well. Each of her 34 girls are getting their parents to go to their works and collect more for the donation pot as well.

Today, another coworker informed me that he found a big box of slipper socks (48 pairs) that he's going to bring in on top of what he already donated.

This show of support really touches my heart and makes me so happy. It's one thing to give money. It's another thing to give a bit of love and kindness...

Please visit the site, Socks for Japan, and show your support as well! It's much needed and greatly appreciated!

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