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Monday, March 21, 2011

World Poetry Day

In honor of world poetry day, I thought I'd throw a little something together...

As I glance outside to see the clouds,
I pray for rain to fall.
The wind whips through the trees,
beating branches hit the wall.

All goes quiet,
The calm before the storm.
I glance up again,
As puddles begin to form.

As I stare outside,
The air becomes quite still.
The rain comes down,
Hitting my window sill.

There's nothing more great
On a rainy day,
Than a hot cup of coffee
And an audiobook to play!

Share your poems below!

1 comment:

  1. A Minute in the Life of a Boy by Erik Gustafson

    (Erik was unable to post a comment so he sent me his poem to post for him. I hope I formatted the stanzas correctly...)

    A scrawny blond boy running
    Bent over a sidewalk with
    A Matchbox car between his legs
    Flying like superman
    Toward a forest of trees waving at him
    Little, bony arms reaching into a tree
    Pulling himself up, higher and higher
    Stepping on branch after branch
    Blue eyes marveling at the view

    From the homemade tree house,
    A mile high fortress defended by dwarves
    Out the loose trap-door hidden in the back,
    Leaping to the thick, twisted Swinging Branch,
    Dangling, stretched out like a sleeping bat
    Dropping triumphantly to a waiting horse
    Galloping wildly around the foliage
    Clutching that final ingredient secret sorcerers long for
    Running from white Stormtroppers
    Finding the perfect stick for a gun
    Shooting back, diving over a grassy hill
    Lasers loudly blasting overhead
    Crawling into a huge, cement culvert
    Submerging in the submarine Down! Down!
    The boy's soft voice
    Echoed in the concrete tube
    A scrawny blond boy running alone,
    In the mind of a grown man sitting alone